Episode 9 – How can you get confidence that things will work out so you will take action?

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Today on The Not-So-Serious Life, Jason and Steve answer Lord Brandon’s question:

“How can you get confidence that things will work out so you will take action?”

In this episode, Jason and Steve reframe motivation and certainty, give the answer to overcome the need for confidence and tell you what ice cream has to do with decision-making! (JG Editorial: Mmm…ice cream!)

We want to hear from you!

Let us know in the comments what you have done to be able to take action in spite of uncertainty or a lack of confidence.  We can all learn so much from each other and you probably have way better answers than we do anyways!

Also, since Kellogg’s is dragging their feet on sponsoring us, be sure to let us know if you have any executive connections at Ben and Jerry’s so we can give THEM the chance to get in on what we are creating.

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JG and SC

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4 Comments to Episode 9 – How can you get confidence that things will work out so you will take action?

  1. Boys, I’m on this Ben & Jerry’s thing. No, I have no connections, but I believe it was Steve who taught us a little something, long ago, and it goes like this: IT’S NOT WHO YOU KNOW! (But are you sure you don’t want to rethink this… Pulling those questions from an ice cream carton…? So untidy. And sticky.)

  2. You guys are TOO funny together! I look forward to each episode. Sorry I don’t have connections to either Kellogg’s or Ben and Jerry. You might just find a sponsor, though, among your fans.

    I loved Jason’s awakening to his fatty food examples. Even the fact that the questions are planted in cereal boxes that lead to his eating cereal when he opens them. Why cereal boxes? Good size, variety, funny…FOOD.

    Steve’s advice about confidence has inspired me to try again to sell a Webinar series on earning and talking about referrals. The first time I tried it, two paid people showed up. I had no confidence that doing another one would get a better result, but the one I just did had about 50 attendees. NOW, I have confidence to do another one. I also had no confidence that I could put together a small paid Mastermind Group, but am about to sign the first member. I feel that confidence building.

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