Episode 71 – How do I “Reinvent” Myself?

Today on The Not-So-Serious Life, Jason and Steve talk about how to “Reinvent Yourself”!

If you want to come hang with Steve and JG LIVE and in-person at Reinventing Yourself Weekend September 15-17, 2017 in Denver, Colorado click here.

There is going to be live music, improv games, an incredible community of new friends and supporters for you to meet and of course, Steve and JG making magic on stage (wait…that didn’t sound quite right but you get it) and helping you Reinvent Yourself right here, RIGHT NOW, and in a super fun and play-FULL way!

Let us know in the comments below what questions YOU have about Reinventing YOURself 🙂

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Wishing you big fun, big love, and big laughs,

JG and SC

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4 Comments to Episode 71 – How do I “Reinvent” Myself?

  1. Jackie Mossman

    Hi, Guys!
    It was great seeing TNSSL again! You two are great! You are both so full of…..knowledge! Your humor, too, is such a kick! Steve, you look great in those glasses. Hello, hugs, and love to Kathy!
    Jackie Mossman

    • Jason Goldberg

      Hey Jackie!! Thank you so much!!! We were thrilled to get the BAND back together!

      Steve does look spiffy doesn’t he??

      Huge hugs and love back to you!


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