Episode 7 – How can I access my fun, creative space for my business when it seems so serious?

Today on The Not-So-Serious Life, Jason and Steve answer Anna’s question:

“How can I access my fun and creative space for my business when it seems so serious and important?”

If you have ever felt like the work you are doing (whether in your own business or working for someone else) feels like more burden than bliss, you will want to check out this episode of TNSSL.

Jason shares a big mind shift in his belief about time to make it more fun and creative and Steve points out a powerful keyword in the question that could help turn it on its head!

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Drop us a comment below and let us know what feels serious and important to you and how what we shared may help you to access your fun and creative space more often!

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JG and SC

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6 Comments to Episode 7 – How can I access my fun, creative space for my business when it seems so serious?

  1. Great show, guys! Loved Steve’s insights about “it seems” and Jason’s idea about “bonus time.” You drop a lot of value-bombs in each episode. An inspiring, fun way to start my day. Thanks!

  2. Great stuff gentlemen! Keep up the insights! Having more fun doing everything really helps and cannot be reminded enough!!!!

    Jason- love the paint color.
    I’m calling it a warm cognac.

  3. Thanks so much for what you do and who you are! Love the insights; please include more
    specific examples if possible. Your ideas have a calming affect in the hectic workplace 🙂

  4. Bonus time – that’s a great perspective! I’m also still thinking about an earlier episode, when you guys addressed the idea of forming a regular habit, about the expectation that we put on ourselves to do something every single day. Then we beat ourselves up when we miss a day. Another reason to say that it’s all just too hard, I’m a failure, yada yada blah blah blah. Since you brought that up, I have been enjoying doing things for that day, and I might enjoy doing it again another day!

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