Episode 5 – How can I get the people I work with to stop being so negative?

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Today on The Not-So-Serious Life, Jason and Steve answer the viewer question:

“How can I get the people I work with to stop being so negative?”

In this episode, we talk about BOTH sides of the “negativity” equation and what you can do about it…One idea for helping people to break their cycle of negativity and another, much more provocative and creative idea for those on the bolder end of the spectrum of ownership!

We want to hear from you!

Drop us a comment below and tell us any other ideas YOU have to help out the viewer who submitted this great question!

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JG and SC

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8 Comments to Episode 5 – How can I get the people I work with to stop being so negative?

  1. I would ask that Steve paint his wall butterscotch IF he is going to wear the same shirt or sweater or whatever it is every single episode. Jason’s wall coordinates better with Steve’s wardrobe, and Jason would look much better in the hat (please don’t feel bad Jason or take that as a negative comment on your hairstyle).

    Also, Jason, did you carry a briefcase in Junior HIgh School? I did, and think that the response from my kind peers was formative in my current social abilities and thoughts of others.

    It is great to have a forum that addresses the more important issues of life. Deep gratitude for beginning this movement.

  2. Still loving the show!
    It’s pretty awesome to wake up, sip my coffee and enjoy your guy’s comedic wit. 🙂
    I would call the color of the wall sienna or perhaps a shade umber? If I were to create the color, I would start with those colors as a base add yellow…
    Thanks for morning chuckles.
    Have a gorgeous day!!

  3. It looks “pumpkin” to me!! Thank you both for the laughs and guidance you provide to start my day off with a huge smile!!! You ROCK!!!

  4. Don’t change your co-workers, change your job!! I love it. (seriously) (As to the wall—um, what is the modern equivalent of “butterscotch”??!!)

  5. Jason, I would say the color of your wall is “pumpkin.”
    I’ve enjoyed your first 5 episodes very much. Today, Steve’s response “make it a credible threat, one you can follow through on” was hysterical! Thank you for all of the great advice. You both have a real talent for the comedy aspect as well. Keep it up!

  6. Butterscotch… 🙂 The last part was hilarious.
    The thoughts transforms into words (and emotions), so if the person starts focus on their positive thoughts, rapidly will start feeling that he or she is a positive person too.
    Thank you Jason and Steve!

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