Episode 36 – How do you release resentment once and for all?

Today on The Not-So-Serious Life, Jason and Steve answer Jan’s question:

“How do you release resentment once and for all?”

You know what WE think and now it’s time for YOU to weigh in…

Can you allow yourself to feel what you feel without making it wrong? Can you see the overall innocence of people and their actions and have compassion for what they must be going through to behave the way they did?

How can you get creative about where you focus your energy and attention in a way that will SERVE you much more so than resentment?

Let us know in the comments below!

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JG and SC

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7 Comments to Episode 36 – How do you release resentment once and for all?

  1. Kimberly Rivera

    Another awesome episode! You guys rock! Thank you!! I loved all of the suggestions given for overcoming resentment. The one that resonated the most for me because it is one I apply almost daily in my own life is praying for the person you resent or who has hurt you in some way, whether intentionally or unintentionally. When you have compassion for others, you recognize that they’re doing the best they can to survive in the way they know how given where they’re at in their development.

    One thing with this approach that I have to guard against, however, is then being drawn into sadness over the pain and suffering of the person I’m praying for and the loss to the world of tremendous talent and potential. I remind myself that yes, he’s in pain and this is what has caused his actions, but that I have no control over this. He is, however, able to make choices that can lead to his growth and overcoming the pain. I pray that he finds the strength to dig deep and do the work necessary to unlock his potential and then I move on. 🙂

  2. Jason and Steve…….that was fantastic!! Thank you! Thank you! Releasing the expectation and praying for that person resonated! It was like an ah-ha moment…..I definitely felt a shift in how I felt! Releasing the expectation was a WOW! Kind of gave me back my power so I am not being robbed. Thank you for answering my question…please keep doing this show!
    PS….thank for again for the free gift…Steve’s recording Testing vs Trusting….I really enjoyed it!

  3. This is great! The ol expectation vs agreement thing will get us every time!! Is expect short for expectorant? lol I love praying for them and asking for all they want and love to be happy. I also know I too am capable of that same thing if I were in their shoes. Holding it in is not good for health and it does no good for anyone involved.
    This made me laugh a lot, as always.

    Thanks for all you awe-r! Love and hugs, Coach Bette

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