Episode 35 – How do you manage overwhelming sadness?

Today on The Not-So-Serious Life, Jason and Steve answer Jim’s question:

“How do you manage overwhelming sadness?”

You’ve heard our take, now we want to hear from you!

When is the last time you compared your TV screen to your window? Anybody up to join in on JG and Steve’s “news fast”?

How can you USE “overwhelm” in a more productive way?

Let us know in the comments below!

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JG and SC

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2 Comments to Episode 35 – How do you manage overwhelming sadness?

  1. Hi Jason and Steve,

    I loved this episode. I have limited my consumption of media and news a while ago exactly for the reasons you talked about. It can be overwhelming otherwise. Nearly losing my father this year with his brain injury and then through the constant risk of his suicide has brought plenty of sadness. I found language and writing was the best outlet for being creative in expressing the opposite.

    One of the other biggest motivations for creating my be happiness project was to share more love and happiness in the world through stories about happiness and people who follow their heart. I find writing is the best way I can be creative and share my heart with people so this is my way of trying to balance things out a little bit and manage sadness 🙂

    Luckily there are lots of wonderful people like you guys sharing the good stuff online and balancing out the over the top negativity or exaggeration of bad news in the media.

    Love guys and what you guys share with us!

  2. Kimberly Rivera

    Another great episode, JG and SC! Thank you! I loved Steve’s response and the importance of remembering that the media purposely blows things out of proportion. They also purposely cover only the negative. How much positive stuff do you hear in the media?? – very little to none. Imagine if the media covered all the amazing, positive things that happen in our world every day from the little acts of kindness to people and organizations impacting the world in hugely positive ways. In addition to remembering that the media blows things out of proportion, I also try to remember that they’re only talking about the negative and then imagine all the positive stuff that happens each and every day all around us! I’d love to overwhelm the media with the positive and spread love instead of fear! I encourage everyone to ditch the news! It’s way better (and cooler 🙂 to watch TNSSL instead! Heehee!

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