Episode 29 – How do we know when it’s time to quit a particular project or activity?

Today on The Not-So-Serious Life, Jason and Steve answer Tom’s question:

“How do we know when it’s time to quit a particular project or activity?”

Now we want to hear from you!

How did you decide when it was time to leave one project behind and refocus your energy on something new? Whether a job, relationship, or even a hobby!  

Let us know in the comments below!

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JG and SC

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6 Comments to Episode 29 – How do we know when it’s time to quit a particular project or activity?

  1. How about using your self-help book collection to put q’s in instead of cereal boxes? Steve can pick a title and you pull the question outa the book. You do have a couple self-help books right?

    Although levity and fun are right up there for me as factors for deciding action, I think using it as a sole measure of continuing something doesn’t necessarily serve.

    e.g. Here is a quote from an email I received this am from Rich Litvin’s site…”Learning to swim does not have to be fun. It is being able to swim that is fun. The learning process is often difficult and learning to swim is a process.” So, using fun a yardsitck might prevent a child from learning to really have fun swimming. (I’m raising my hand on this one…I can barely tread water…)

    Currently, I’m digging Brian Whetten’s Yes, Yes, Hell No approach to making decisions and combining that with how much fun the outcome will give me. I’m also learning to WOOP from Rethinking Positive Thinking.

    Thanks again for the morning laughs! Absolutely loving you guys and the show, Keep up the hilarity!

    • Jason Goldberg

      HAHA! Pulling them out of the books is a great idea! Maybe I could even read a random passage from each book when I pull the question out 🙂 – Though, book pages are not nearly as tasty as fruit loops!

      I totally get what you are saying and I get the swim analogy. I also see that, in my life, fun and scary are not mutually exclusive. If there is SOME part of what I’m doing that is fun, then the scary or the challenging or the difficult are all totally doable.

      It may be scary for a child to swim, but they see how much FUN it is when the other kids are swimming.

      I may be a bit stressed to create a brand new talk for an audience of 1000 people but when I remember just how ALIVE and ENERGIZED I become on-stage, the FUN comes back and is more of a motivation than the fear.

      Just like you said, you can put a gauge on how it will feel to ACCOMPLISH the outcome that scares you and if that is based in fun and excitement, the fear doesn’t stand a chance.

      Thanks for the insights Stewart!

  2. I need shirt sizes for you two. Please advise.

    And loving what you are creating – Steve’s smile is still scary . . . and fun!

    • Jason Goldberg

      L for me
      XL for Steve (he needs extra room for his massive biceps and equally massive comedic prowess!)

      Thanks Mo-Money!

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