Episode 26 – How do you help someone you know is suffering but isn’t ready to listen?

Today on The Not-So-Serious Life, Jason and Steve answer Phil’s question:

“How do you help someone you know is suffering but isn’t ready to listen?”

In this episode, JG shares how offering up “words of wisdom” to those in “need” rarely works and we talk about the difference between getting people to SEE the light and instead deciding to BE the light.

Plus Steve goes through some late stage puberty (that he tries to blame on singing) and then shares some brilliant wisdom from the late, great Dr. Nathaniel Brandon on suffering that just may wake you up!

How about you?

How do you think your relationships with family and friends would improve if you detached yourself from the personal responsibility of making them change?

Now back to the matter at hand!

In this episode, JG shares the alternative to being triggered and sucked into a typhoon of negativity and Steve shares a simple and powerful mathematical equation to keep you calm and help you convert the stress of a negative person into the amusement of a movie!  …and he proves that Jason is horrible at math!

Plus you will hear about the really tempting job offer that Steve and JG recently received.  Don’t worry; we turned it down so we could keep focusing on the show for all of you!

We want to hear from you!

How will you use the tips we shared in your own relationships to keep others negativity from hijacking your happiness?

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Wishing you big fun, big love, and big laughs,

JG and SC

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1 Comment to Episode 26 – How do you help someone you know is suffering but isn’t ready to listen?

  1. Jason and Steve–I agree with your advice, and I’ll add that if our desire is to truly be helpful to the other person, we may need to expand our conception of what “helping” means. Usually that involves listening deeply and asking ourselves why this person is sharing their suffering. They might just want an empathetic ear or to feel like someone cares, and if you can do that then you are helping them.

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