Episode 25 – How do you set yourself up for success when you want to create something new?

Today on The Not-So-Serious Life, Jason and Steve answer Anne’s question:

“How do you set yourself up for success when you want to create something new?”

After we take WAY too long playing a little game of “guess the Beatle” (which JG fails MISERABLY at), we jump into helping Anne become a “Time (and creativity) Warrior”!

JG shares what he does to manage his energy and space and Steve gives us a really masterful way to get inspired, to take action and to create something original – without all the pressure and stress!

Plus we give a big shout out of love and gratitude to Meredith for her support of our show and for spreading her goodness in the world!  Thanks Meredith!

It’s time for YOU to weigh in…

Drop us a comment below and let us know what YOU do to overcome procrastination and set yourself up to let your creativity loose on the world!

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Wishing you big fun, big love, and big laughs,

JG and SC

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3 Comments to Episode 25 – How do you set yourself up for success when you want to create something new?

  1. Thanks for the shout-out in today’s episode, JG and Steve! You guys consistently deliver awesome content – who wouldn’t want to share it?! Love and appreciate you two.

    One of the themes I’ve enjoyed throughout all your shows is the emphasis on slowing down and relaxing into whatever we’re doing. Prevents stress and pressure, which high achievers tend to suffer from unnecessarily.

  2. Just catching up on your episodes. I really love this show. There is always a daily good laugh, which i have come to count on. Thank you both for that, and the gold nuggets of content i walk away with. Today, you affirmed that i can build my own garden from all the seeds others have planted before me, then add my own seeds to create my personal bouquet. I needed to hear that today.

    Blessings to you both~

    • Jason Goldberg

      Sending you lots of love Jude! Thank you for watching and even more so for being willing to take your insights and put them into action!

      Stay inspired my friend!


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