Episode 22 – How do you turn an idea into a reality?

Today on The Not-So-Serious Life, Jason and Steve answer Aaron’s question:

How do you turn an idea into a reality?

We may be going a little loopy today as we play a game of “Name that Beatle” AND JG does a mentalist trick on Steve that is sure to offend any real magicians who watch the show!

Once we got over our shenanigans, we dove into Aaron’s fantastic question about taking action to execute on an idea.

We have ALL experienced having an amazing idea for a book or a business or some other adventure that we get really excited about and then, the resistance creeps in and we are left with one more unfinished dream or project.

JG and Steve are here for you and share the way they go from “Fantasy” to “PLANtasy”.

Steve outlines his low-tech, old school and super effective way to brainstorming ideas on action steps and JG shares the exact method he used to create a 3-month training program in a very similar fashion!

AND we may have an idea for yet another sponsor since Kelloggs still hasn’t called.  What do you gals and guys think about our new prospect?

It’s time for YOU to weigh in…

Drop us a comment below and tell us what you do to overcome resistance and get into action on your own ideas.

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Wishing you big fun, big love, and big laughs,

JG and SC

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7 Comments to Episode 22 – How do you turn an idea into a reality?

  1. Here is my question to you:


    What can I do not to loose the momentum for putting my ideas into life?
    I am in the process of changing my career and my life. Ideas are there, steps are on the move. Sometimes I get distracted when new ideas come in, override the established one, or when responses won’t come in fast enough.

    Gunhild from Flensburg in Germany (please imitate my accent – voice level alto!)

    • jason Goldberg

      Hey Gunhild!

      Feel free to send your question over to us via email: questions [at] thenotsoseriouslife [dot] com



  2. It must be too early for me! I had a gray rat in France. But I admit, the quiz was so long my mind did wander in the middle there… That was SO hard to follow. Is it a requirement that we be in MENSA, for heaven’s sake, to follow you guys?? (the sad thing is, I’ve always suspected I qualify for Mensa. hard lesson learned this morning at 6:30)

  3. Oh my God, Jason has turned into Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins!
    Struth guvna, up the apples and pairs, Blimey dincha know when you multiply by 9 the answer adds up to 9
    us British are far more ridiculous sounding than you made us out to be. But dont forget you speak American English, NOT the other way round.
    God save the queen and all who reign under her!

  4. Steve, you had me at Paul McCartney – I have the same collectible figure!

    Thanks for a great series, I haven’t missed one yet 🙂

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