Episode 2 – How do I re-ignite my passion so I can stay in consistent action?

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Today on The Not-So-Serious Life, Jason and Steve answer the viewer question:

“How do I re-ignite my passion so I can stay in consistent action?”

What role has the need for passion played in YOUR motivation to take consistent action?

We want to hear from you!

Drop us a comment below and let us know if being “mildly amused” and simply CHOOSING to take action feels more fun and “doable” than having to find a deep flame of passion to kick you into high gear!

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JG and SC

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6 Comments to Episode 2 – How do I re-ignite my passion so I can stay in consistent action?

  1. I’m loving your TNSSL show, Jason and Steve… Jason, I think you need some plants on your side of the screen.

    My Question: How do you feel about Manifestos? Do you have one – either of you?
    Feel free to use my name because, unlike Steve Chandler, I am not in the witness protection program.

    Love you Guys!
    Faith Evan West (see, even giving you my middle name 🙂

  2. Great way to start the day! I think your videos are going to become part of my morning ritual. Choosing builds passion as we focus on those actions that bring us the results we want. Love you guys and the humor you use in delivering all your nuggets of wisdom.

  3. Love the idea of choice not passion fueling the day to day actions. I have been reading more about the word “grit” (stick to itness), and its’ importance in ongoing success, and I think for me that has been one of the consistent missing ingredients, because when the passion dies down as it always does I need grit to continue to pursue what I love to do. Thanks for another great show!

  4. Another great episode! Steve, the hat was a big hit especially with the continuation of the plant interference. That picture along with the Jerry Garcia shirt really made for a very western scene. Jason, you need to up your image a bit. Today, for instance, you could have perhaps presented yourself in Native American attire by wearing a headband, gone shirtless, and some body paint?! Just a thought for a full-fledged Tonto & The Lone Ranger effect. You message was great! I am really enjoying you guys!

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