Episode 65 – How do I stop letting negative comments from people ruin my day?

Today on The Not-So-Serious Life, Jason and Steve answer the viewer question:

“How do I stop letting negative comments from people ruin my day?”

Learn how Eminem, naps, and a new paradigm for compassion can help you take back your power when people are “hating” on you!

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You know what WE think and now it’s time for YOU to weigh in…

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JG and SC

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2 Comments to Episode 65 – How do I stop letting negative comments from people ruin my day?

  1. Deb Camirand

    So glad you guys are back – missed you! You are so fun, and yet the serious message comes through loud and clear. Right after dinner I’ll be listening to Jason’s TED talk, and can’t wait for “Prison Break” to come out. Steve, I’ve already read “Crazy Good”, and my next personal development book after I finish “Loveability” that Arminda sent me , will be “Reinventing Yourself”. You guys rock, and this new personal journey I am on is awesome! I may well be on the road to loving myself after 63 years, well okay, let’s say 57 years, as my first conscious memory of not feeling good about myself occurred at age 6.
    Keep up the great work – love you guys!
    Deb Camirand

    • Hey Deb!

      We missed you too and we are thrilled to be back and trying to pretend we know what we are talking about 🙂

      So happy you are having fun with the show and we are honored to have you with us since you obviously have great taste in people, web shows and reading material!

      Only 57 years? Sounds a little on the advanced side if you ask me 😉 – isn’t it beautiful that we are only one moment and one thought away from unconditional and limitless self-love and self-acceptance? SO freaking cool!

      Sending you lots of love back!


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